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Palmeria Hotel is one of the most recognizable coastal resorts located in fancy Perissa area of Santorini. Our assets are first-class rooms with breathtaking views, excellent service and genuine hospitality. We are a home for your unforgettable time and best camera pictures!

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About us

My name is Filomena and I have been working in the tourism sector of the wonderful Amalfi Coast for years.

Since I was a child I have always worked in hotels because I love the land where I was born and I have always wanted to know all the wonderful places and secrets it hides.

I have always been a dedicated person toward her work, but to this day, I can proudly say that I am also the mother of Emanuela and Francesco

Inevitably, I have passed on my passion for this work to my children and with them, over the years, I have selected and taken care of the smallest details of many typical residences to make our clients’ stay personal and unforgettable.

Each dwelling is located in a different village on the Amalfi Coast and has its own story that tells this tiny and secret corner of the world made of ancient traditions and modern rhythms and also tells a little of our history because they are corners where we grew up and kept many of our beautiful family memories. Each of these dwellings has its own particularity and we are sure that, among all of them, you will find the one that best meets your needs and those of your traveling companions. We are happy to welcome those who choose them to enjoy a break from the usual daily stress, those who choose them to spend time with their families, and those who choose them to identify with the local people and discover all the beauty that the various villages of the Amalfi Coast have to offer.

Along with the breadth of accommodations we can offer you, we know how important are the attractions of the place and, for this reason, we offer you all kinds of availability for the organization of any excursions by sea and land (such as excursions with private boats, Capri Tour, Sunset Tour but at the same time also the possibility to participate in the guided tours to Pompeii and Vesuvius, to visit the most important trails, to enjoy the tastings at our wonderful wineries and to have fun at the cooking classes preparing our typical dishes). I am sure that participation in the excursions that most fit your interests will complete your stay in the best possible way. After this brief introduction, I am happy to open the doors warmly and with the joy of sharing this new project with all of you and to show you the beauty of these dwellings where the horizon defines the quiet, where the sea at sunrise or sunset observed from the villas clinging to the rock will leave you breathless, and where the kindness and warmth of the locals will make you want to visit again and again.

Enjoy your stay!

Rooms & Suites

Our assets are first-class rooms with breathtaking views, excellent service and genuine hospitality. We are a home for your unforgettable time and best camera pictures!

Villetta cielo blu

Prices start at: 120 per night

Garden House

Prices start at: 120 per night

Smeraldo House

Prices start at: 45 per night

Villetta Sole

Prices start at: 100 per night

Comfort Triple Room

Prices start at: 120 per night

For your Comfort

Our mission is enriching people’s lives with pleasant vacation moments and memories. Lots of extended services, amenities and special offers are our backup in fulfilling the dream of a perfect holiday for every guest.

  • Swimming pool
  • Spa & Massage
  • Surfing lessons
  • Conference room
  • Gym & Yoga
  • Boat tours

Your Personal Paradise

We are a home for your unforgettable time and best camera pictures!

The Art of Dining

Taste masterpieces of the world cuisine under the golden sun of Greece: enjoy fine dishes and wines at our gourmet restaurant. Exquisite menu offerings are perfected with vibrant live music and breathtaking sea view. Pure dining paradise!

  • Mexican cuisine
  • Japanese cuisine
  • Italian cuisine
  • Indian cuisine

Get in Touch

Every moment of your journey is important for us and that is exactly why we want to be sure you’ve enjoyed the stay at Palmeria. Leave your feedback to help us be better for you or share your sunny memories and holiday experience.

We appreciate and gladly welcome your opinion and comments! 



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